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[Oct-30-2004]: Halo II Screens
Crap. Now I really need to get an XboX. I have held off for so long without a console game system. Sigh.

[Oct-29-2004]: Bush Wired
This NASA guy thinks so. Personally, I don't care. As they said on Crossfire, if he WAS wired, you'd hope he would come across as even a little more articulate than the dancign monkey we saw.

[Oct-29-2004]: Vote Kerry
New Yorker has a great, concise article on why Bush needs to go:
MichelleOrange: Ech. The New Yorker. One of my professors made me laugh by saying that everything in that magazine sounds to him like "earnest clucking". cluckcluck
TedBrunt: Your professor is en elitist knob. Knob knob!
MichelleOrange: Actually, I think that remark would stake him out as anti-elitist, but whatever.
TedBrunt: Sigh. Comedy never works in blogs. Nevermind. (written from Canada Earnest Central)

"The damage visited upon America, and upon America?s standing in the world, by the Bush Administration?s reckless mishandling of the public trust will not easily be undone. And for many voters the desire to see the damag arrested is reason enough to vote for Joh Kerry. But the challenger has more to offer than the fact that he is not George W. Bush. I every crucial area of concern to Americans (the economy, health care, the environment, Social Security, the judiciary, national security foreign policy, the war in Iraq, the fight against terrorism), Kerry offers a clear, corrective alternative to Bush?s curious blend of smugness, radicalism, and demagoguery. Pollsters like to ask voters which candidate they?d most like to have a beer with, and on that metric Bush always wins. We prefer to ask which candidate is better suited to the governance of our nation."

[Oct-29-2004]: Cunning Stunts
Truly. Or fake.

[Oct-28-2004]: eBay Update
Still do not have my purchased item in my hands. Zzzzzzzz.

[Oct-27-2004]: Nerve on BoingBoing
Our new web site, Nerve, is up on boingboing!
JoanneSouaid: Hey! Congrats, Tedly! You must be proud! :-)))
JeremyRodgers: I *want* to respond but I am ashamed, I could only go through with half the waxing - thanks for the funny walk.

[Oct-27-2004]: Bush Backs Kerry lol
Lessig notes that yet another W. quote just makes him look more moronic than ever.

[Oct-27-2004]: Nintendo Playing Lego
The built a Lego robot that is preprogrammed to get through the first level of Super Mario Brothers. Now someone help them with web design.

[Oct-26-2004]: yow

[Oct-26-2004]: U2 Selling Out
Yeah, but at least to the right people.

[Oct-26-2004]: George W. Bush - Keeping America Scared
Funny video from the RNC, showing exactly how Repubs like to keep people afraid.

[Oct-25-2004]: Call now!

[Oct-23-2004]: He Might

[Oct-22-2004]: Windows Error @ Yonge & Dundas

JoanneSouaid: Ted, how come you don't store your links so they open up in a new window? Too much coding for you? Just curious, but not like George.
TedBrunt: Because I like to see the url before I click on it. Sometimes people put something I've seen in their wiki with a vague reference, so I like to hover and check it out first. I just option-click anyway on all links, which opens in a new window in Safari.

[Oct-21-2004]: iPod G5 Fake
Well, it looks like a good idea...
JoanneSouaid: Stop the insanity!!!!

[Oct-20-2004]: Neal Stephenson on Slashdot
Here you go. It's fucking fantastic, and illustrates why I think he's such a tremendous author and a very good thinker.

[Oct-20-2004]: Jon Stewart on Daily Show - Crossfire
Here is Jon's response.
JoanneSouaid: Woo hoo!! I totally forgot to tape his show, so thank you for finding this!! I'm so glad I could hear the aftermath on his show. Love this guy.

[Oct-19-2004]: Real Life D&D
Now I know why I never played this game.

[Oct-19-2004]: Michelle=Agent 99
Dimme and I have decided that Michelle looks and acts like Barbara Feldon. Here's proof, from his NYC trip:

[Oct-19-2004]: Bannerz
Neat. I get Motion Picture production banners on my page. On the main page it's XML geeky stuff. Michelle gets Dana Carvey DVD sales. Joanne gets furniture (I guess they are reading the content!). Greg? GEEK stuff! DeFazio got a Public Service Announcement (lame). Rodgers = wiki hosting! Derek got Viewmaster toys.

[Oct-19-2004]: Incredibles
Everyone I know who is IN the know, knows that this is going to be a MASSIVE hit. I wonder - can you buy Pixar stock? Check out some info from the wrap party.

[Oct-19-2004]: USB Sushi

[Oct-18-2004]: Popped My eCherry
I am no longer an eBay noob. I know - all this time, and I have never bought or sold anything on eBay. I have a few things to sell, but I'm not exactly a collector or obsessed with buying stuff. But man - it's a good system. Bought me one o' these babies today. eBay + geeky X-10 usb controller (with on board clock!) = happy joy. Now I will see how long it takes to get here. Tick.....tick...
JoanneSouaid: let me know your experience with it all, Ted. I'm curious to find out.
TedBrunt: So far - not fun. I have set up a PayPal, but you need to be verified. This happens two ways: 1. they call you right away. No prob. #2. They deposit money into your bank account, and you need to confirm the amount. They say that takes 2-3 business days - well, I already bought something, so the vendor, who is in the U.S., rejected my payment, because they said I was "unverified", and they do not ship internationally to unverified. They asked me to send a money order in the mail.

Screw that - I'm doing this because it's supposed to be convenient. So I will wait for the verification, then probably buy it again later. I guess if I buy it somewhere else, they will give me a negative review, which seems to account for everything on the system. So - I am waiting to verify things on my bank.
TedBrunt: OK, so now I did a virtual money order, via some company called BidPay, which is affiliated with Western Union. Only problem - they charged me 4.95 US to send the money order. So now, I can safely say that ordering via the US, which I initially did to save cash, has negated any savings. Unless you have a verified eBay account, it's now officially NOT WORTH IT. And I doubt I'll buy anythign from the U.S. again. But it's a good lesson.

[Oct-18-2004]: Little Ninja
Matt sent me this beautiful animation. I've never seen it - but some of you probably already have.

[Oct-18-2004]: Today
There is nothing interesting on the internet. Please shut down your computers.

[Oct-16-2004]: Make George Speak
Someone has to.

[Oct-15-2004]: Tumbleweed!
I think I found him...please nobody tell Lezli.

JoanneSouaid: Nice try but tumbleweed already died about 5 times ago. Plus, he's more brown than grey. But...nice try! ;-)
TedBrunt: I was there the day Tumbleweed was treated like a soccer ball.

[Oct-15-2004]: Holographic TV
Claro makes this cool transparent television. Droooool.

[Oct-15-2004]: Counter-Strike in-game
I haven't played CS, but if you use one of the cool modded maps, you get an office, complete with goofy motivational posters. Sounds like I need to get back into the whole sniping mode...Jeremy - played this?
JeremyRodgers: I am not qualified to play CS: I never have had nor will I ever have a subscription to Guns & Ammo. You want sniper action? Play the king of the fps: Unreal Tournament! Accept no imitations! Nali forever!
TedBrunt: Good point - it's been months since I've had my fix. Mind you, Halo, even on a PC, has been a bit of fun. But I still love mods & maps. I just need someone to play with! Hey - I've been clicking on banners - buy somethin' frilly.
JeremyRodgers: Hey u and all are always welcome at: for olde skool UT.

[Oct-13-2004]: Aerial Photos + Map
Check out this new map site, currently seems to only be in GB. You match an aerial photo with a street map overlay. Cool!

[Oct-13-2004]: Funny Chat Movie
It's a little uneven, but I really like the idea, and the end is pretty funny. Shows what you can do with simple home tech now.

[Oct-13-2004]: Theory of Fun
Cory found a pre-release of a book I need for Christmas. It's not yet available on Chapters, so I need to plunk it here to remind myself. Hey, I wonder if we should set up the wiki as an affiliate of Indigo. Anyone else actually READ here? hehe.

[Oct-13-2004]: Avon Blog
Got to love a blog like this - an Avon seller tells all. I read things like this when my current book is rather slow, as System of the World is for a brief bit. Then I get worried that the life of an Avon Lady is far more interesting than is mine, and I determine to do something about it. Then I find another weird blog.

[Oct-12-2004]: Star Wars Kid Cameo
The goofy kid appears in the new Tony Hawk game. Nice!

[Oct-12-2004]: Folding Paper
If you fold a regular sheet of paper 17 times, it will be the height of a two-storey house.

[Oct-8-2004]: Worst Halloween Costumes - Ever
Hard to believe, but there is actually one for Asteroids, too.

[Oct-7-2004]: I love stop-motion
Even the simple stuff - My sister and I used to make these on Super 8mm in the 1970's. Some French students have a site with nice examples on it. Norman McLaren, thanks for the fun!

[Oct-7-2004]: Faren-Hype 911
Bill Maher nails Georgie.

[Oct-6-2004]: But....Why?
Another one of those because-you-can things. OSX on an XBOX.

[Oct-6-2004]: Destroyer of Worlds

[Oct-5-2004]: Monkeyboy says Dec. 31, 2006 for Longhorn
After all, when they say 2006, you have to unnerstand there are 365 days in there...

[Oct-5-2004]: Patterns in Nature
Found this on Coolio's...nice images pointing out how nature works in patterns and fractals.

[Oct-4-2004]: Why I Hate Steve Ballmer reason, anyway. What a moron.

[Oct-4-2004]: Linking Policy
The kids @ boing boing have a fun thing to say about linking policies...

[Oct-3-2004]: Mirrormask
Check out the wicked trailer for Neil's film. Dave McKean did the AD and I think he also directed.

[Oct-1-2004]: Morning Wakeup
Caffeinated soap.

[Sep-29-2004]: Fisticuffs 4 Jesus
Just one of those things you need to read to believe. I rather like the whole idea.

[Sept-28-2004] JoanneSouaid: I'd like to make a comment about your entry re St. Catharine's...well, actually just a comment on the pictures. Well, actually one particular comment on one particular girl in a blue dress --! Get her in some commercials, wouldjya?! Sheesh...I mean, look at the Olsen twins. They're a million-dollar company for goodness sakes. Whatchya waitin' for? And Paige is tons cuter.
TedBrunt: does one do that?
JoanneSouaid: Well, first off take some shots of her -- a lot of shots -- make it look like she's in a studio if you need to. Get her particulars down on paper, and if you can get her name on the picture (you must have a printer for pictures, by now, right?). Plus, talk to Dorothy. I'm sure she can point you to some reputable places.'s worth a shot, right? My sister did it with my nephew when he was about 4 years old. He got a few gigs, but it was my sister that gave up in the end -- she couldn't deal with all the waiting, etc. I guess that's part of showbiz, eh?
TedBrunt: It's already too much work. I don't want her to be famous - just have her education paid for. A little.

[Sep-28-2004]: Clowning for Christ
Religion scares me more and more each day.

[Sep-28-2004]: Now That's Marketing

[Sep-28-2004]: Scrabble is the Oracle
Michelle - checkitoutcheckitoutcheckitout....

[Sep-27-2004]: Little Sisters
Yesterday we trekked down to St. Catharines to visit my younger sister, Allison and her lawfully wedded husband, Colin (who is also indebted to some guy named Patrick). It was my sister's 28th birthday party, and I think everyoen had a great time! I'm happy that we were able to get out to her for once, as it feels like those of us with kids seem to dictate the plans, and everyone follows. It helps to have a nice little kid like Paige who is easygoing, and can sleep just about anywhere. So far.

I got a closer look at St. Cath as I walked around, and it's quite nice. Sort of trapped in the 1940's in terms of architecture, and it has a tiny bit of a mean streak that is reminiscent of it's economic leftovers. But I get the sense that there's a renewal going on - and saw lots of young people around. Allie & Colin are part of the new blood injecting, and that's a cool thing for sure as it's a sign of many things, including opportunity. I guess it depends on the kind of person you are; builder or maintainer. Those people I know who seem to slot in the builder category often are the ones who find these places and kick start something special. True, they fail more often, but they also are the ones who get it all started - trendsetters. The maintainers also have a place, in that they step into a place or situation and retain and feed the things that they went there for in the first place. Lots of people I know think of the maintainers or traditionalists with disdain, but I think it's no less interesting than the riskier takes a certain type to jump into something midstream and not lose themselves.

I like carports! Reminds me of the Brady Bunch


Some pictures from the event:

[Sep-24-2004]: Snail Maze

[Sep-24-2004]: Email $$

Something I learned today: you can transfer money from your bank account to another's just by sending an email. Weird - but it makes sense. Orange - let me know if it works! Then we can start talking about some serious, transferring.

[Sep-24-2004]: Big Sisters

I had lunch with my sister, Annemarie today. She said she's going to check the wiki. She's also looking for a unix/software/admin/tech jock to run their internal gear. If you know of anyone, BruntMail let me know.

She recently stopped smoking, so naturally we ate smoked meat sandwiches.

[Sep-24-2004]: My Car
I have rarely lusted after a car. But this is the one. A reminder: my birthday is in April, and I'm certain all of you together could help out on this one.

[Sep-23-2004]: Time Waster
My new fave time]]

[Sep-23-2004]: PPT Breakup
There's just no better way to do it, I think.
JoanneSouaid: I like a few pictures in PPTs, but for the most part it was succinct and to the point -- and could pretty much be used by anyone, male or female. :-D

[Sep-22-2004]: TIMMAY!

[Sep-22-2004]: God's Dev Diaries
Carmack the Magnificent.

[Sep-22-2004]: 8500 Calorie Sandwich

[Sep-22-2004]: We Lied
Very funny letter from the computer industry to the Film/TV industry the sums up the whole DRM thang.

[Sep-21-2004]: Halloweenies!

It's here, and I think I've found the perfect mask - not sure if it comes with a bottle of rufis...

[Sep-20-2004]: New Game

OK, I'm done. Doesn't anybody read around here? Jeezus.

[Sep-20-2004]: My New Garage Door
I'm on a roll, eh?

[Sep-20-2004]: Fake Boyfriend Pillow
I'm gonna get me one of these for the times when I *just* want to cuddle...
JoanneSouaid: Shouldn't this entry be on the GroupHug page? Get it? Group hug? Cuddle? Is anyone getting this?

[Sep-20-2004]: Spynet: Lockdown
Not sure if anyone saw the old wiki site, but here is one of our new games:

[Sep-20-2004]: Godfather Fans - Sleep Well

[Sep-20-2004]: When Cats Attack
We tried leashing our cat once - it was pretty much like this. The best part is that the guy states just how "loving" she is, right before she tries to eviscerate him.

[Sep-20-2004]: Bajan Football
My family is rather large. My Mom's side is French-Canadian/Irish Catholic, and I have an enormous number of first cousins, etc. It's hard to keep track of them all, and here, I never even knew my cousin Al was into football! I knew he was in the Barbados, but thought he just had his feet up:

[Sep-19-2004]: Hall of Heaves

I was sitting here listening to the Emmy awards (we young kids listen to tv and surf the internet - track THAT, Neilsen bastards)(ok, "young" was a joke.)(But really, I act younger than most of you reading and you know it!)(I mean, I have 2 kids and a job and I goof around the internet for a living - eat me.) and the music reminded me of "Close to You" by those wrist-slash-inducing Carpenters. So I googled "cheesiest songs of the 1970's" and wound up with somethign even BETTER than I thought!

The Worst Music Ever Recorded.

I am gratified to see that two bands that a former gf loved and I HATEd are well represented there:

Air Supply & Hall & Oates. My God. They even get the Beastie Boys right - what were they thinking in Cookie Puss? Some are just bitter old men writing in, but I simply cannot relate to that.

[Sep-19-2004]: Speaking of Bloom County...
Did you know that the author, Berke Breathed, actually has spent the last few years making books for kids? The writing is fun, but I need to tell you that the art is BEYOND BELIEF funny. I wonder if I can find an example on the internet without pissing someone off...

Bill the Cat still is one of the funniest characters ever created. The combination of Bill, Opus and Milo made me weep with laughter. And the secret genius nerd was the BEST:

[Sep-19-2004]: Calvin Spectacular
Yes, it may be the funniest comic ever created, but it's still gonna be 200 bucks for us by the time it rolls around. Can't imagine paying 200 bucks for any book, and I probably already own all the pieces individually. I MIGHT buy it if it were Bloom County.

[Sep-18-2004]: War!
It's kind of like watching the Wall - in French and with stick figures.

[Sep-17-2004]: Star Wars - Then & Now
Some nice frames from the film vs. the nw DVD.

[Sep-17-2004]: The E-Myth Revisited
Chapters should hire me or something. Maybe I could get a staff discount. Another book I just bought is The E-Myth. I have heard a lot about it, and when I was thinking of starting my own business back in '92 (yes, I was bored back then. That's when we also started TVO Online and the Online Group, etc., and I started a company with Heather called Skeleton Lake Productions) it was the one book an entrepreneur I liked suggested. I will give it a try later on. I am just softly trying to learn about business, as I'm a complete numbkins when it comes to that. My old story is that despite lots of different obs, and working constantly since I was 15 (have never NOT had a job), I have never in fact handled cash. Not proud of it - just weird, and I often wonder if I should even bother thinking about a company, as I really enjoy the public service type of work.

It sure won't get me a Subaru WRX sTi though.

[Sep-17-2004]: The Granny

Well, I've been slamming through my book list this summer, especially now that I am tentatively trying the GODDAM Go train again. I just got email from Chapters that my copy of The System of the World has shipped, so I have about a day to finish up the third book by Brendan O' Carroll, called Granny. I quite liked #2 best, called The Chisellers.

[Sep-17-2004]: Lonestar Grill = Free WiFi

One of my new fave sites, unfortunately found at the end of summer, is one that tracks open WiFi ports in any city. You can also check it by cell phone for when you're in a bind.

[Sep-17-2004]: My TuRTLe oPeN JaiL

Saw this on boingboing. It's about memory and how to recall large digits, as some fella just recalled pi to the 2000th place.

I am just so not interested in remembering numbers. I still struggle with those Mensa quizzes looking for pattern in numbers. I used to be good, but find I'm becoming more visual as I age.

Joanne, what happens when I get to YOUR age?


[Sep-16-2004]: Alright - I'm back. Jeremy taunts me, then tells me it sucks. But I like the green bar, dammit. Someone pretty up this blog, will ya?

Hey, here's Johnny's guitar tab from I wanna be sedated. Truth.



Blog on WikiII

[Sep-2-2004]: I'm trying out the new wiki dammit.

Look for me there.

[Aug-31-2004]: I think I shall be Tomkins.
JR I took this picture of my phone tonight!
TB: RocketDial!
Anonymity has begun

[Aug-31-2004]: I think I just discovered what to do about my basement.

[Aug-31-2004]: 20 inches of joy.

[Aug-31-2004]: Been having fun with this all morning.

[Aug-29-2004]: According to these guys, it was a missile that took out the Pentagon on Sept. 11.

JR <exhale> whoa </exhale>

[Aug-28-2004]: The whole world votes in the US election.

JR hehheh this is the path I took to my discovery of: BushStuff ... From here:
to to to to to
et voila! five short hops to bumpkin

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