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TedBrunt, 28 June 2005: I hit level 60 2 weeks ago. Forgot to brag. It was a hell of a grind, but fun and now I'm a super warlock, hehe. I can now return to normal life - except, now that I'm a big guy on WoW, I want to run some high-level stuff. Hmmmm.

TedBrunt, 3 March 2005: O.K., I have officially started playing World of Warcraft. If anyone wants to go for it, I am on the Bronzebeard server. Hehe. It's a total time sucker, but I get to kick some major ass.



[Oct-1-2004]: very nice I like that little character with the brain and the flies... here's and our latest Seed ball. Make sure you use the Advanced Parts and I don't want to hear any jokes about Tumbleweeds Seed Balls.
TedBrunt: Love it! Way to go, guys! And here I thought Tumbleweed was spayed.

[Oct-1-2004]: Here's our latest: Gruella's Grubfest.

[Sep-30-2004]: JR
That pink rabbit pc is gonna make a great Doom III console !

[Sep-29-2004]: Dimme sent in this - some screens from what might be UT3
JR Damn you Dimme, now I need a new keyboard! The drool was apparently too much for the poor thing... has anybody else heard the legend of the early 90's dishwasher-safe IBM keyboard? I am link-less.

Trevor, who is far too busy to add something, sent me this cool game.
JR Whazzar pluGgin? Shockwave xus.

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of course rogues are usually op within player vs player combat, but so may be snow mages
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Simply no in the event you in fact dont have the persistence to be able to BoA work lol
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