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GregMarshall, 2 February 2006:
GregMarshall It's been a while since anyone posted anything so here we go. This is Will Farrel doing George Bush talking about global warming.

TedBrunt, 17 October 2005: Me @ work

GregMarshall, 23 September 2005:
Phil Donahue on Fox news.

GregMarshall, 19 September 2005: Try this one
1.) go to [ ]
2.) type in the single word: failure
3.) press the "I'm feeling lucky" button (instead of the google search one)

GregMarshall, 19 September 2005:
George Bush speech writer.,%20Presidential%20Speechalist%

JoanneSouaid, 29 August 2005:

MichelleOrange, 22 August 2005: Funny legos!

GregMarshall, 22 August 2005:
Flying Spaghetti Monster

TedBrunt, 4 August 2005: Oompa Loompa.

GregMarshall, 26 July 2005:
Tom Cruise on Oprah

TedBrunt, 25 July 2005: Duck, fellow workers...

TedBrunt, 19 July 2005: Longhorn, shorthorn; it's still windows to me.

TedBrunt, 18 July 2005: Today's, or perhaps this decade's Most Disturbing Video. You can go to the RubberJohnny site for more details.

TedBrunt, 14 July 2005: Zombies. Attacking nerds. Go read.

TedBrunt, 14 July 2005: The Brothers are right back on their game imho.

TedBrunt, 14 July 2005: Cool clouds. Never seen anything like it.

MichelleOrange, 7 July 2005: Here is my article about Americanada Day. Part of it anyway. The other part is I guess only for subscribers.

TedBrunt: You are Marie-France?

MichleOrange: You are a tool?

TedBrunt: Aren't you Turd Fergusen?

MichelleOrange, 6 July 2005: This is either really wrong or totally awesome.

TedBrunt, 5 July 2005: Pizazz pizazz pizazz..... special effects are in the grasp of ordinary people now. Unfortunately.

TedBrunt, 3 July 2005: I have not heard from Jeremy here - has he moved to Japan?

TedBrunt, 30 June 2005:

MichelleOrange, 28 June 2005: Hey Greg I interviewed the guy from The Sadies this weekend. Remember when you gave me that CD with their cover of "Love On Look" on it? I told him it was one my favourite covers ever and then he played it during the show! It was a very full circle moment. I'll link to the article when it's published...

GregMarshall, 28 June 2005:
I, Jonathan is a fantastic album. This one has Ted written all over it I think.
TedBrunt: Teddy like! I always picture Jackie Rogers Jr. doing that.

TedBrunt, 27 June 2005: Cory goes after a clueless senator based on her standard response to DRM complaints. If you've never heard Cory speak about DRM issues, grab an mp3 of it some time and listen. He puts it all into simple Eeeeengrish.

TedBrunt, 27 June 2005: Recall that python pic of it eating a person? This time it's a kangaroo.

DerekTurney, 26 June 2005: So, Ted have you been giving Rick Mercer ideas-- Photoshop Stephen Harper

TedBrunt, 24 June 2005: Our own Jeremy was named so because of this.

GregMarshall, 13 June 2005: The movie Life Aquatic reminded me of Wild Kingdom...the situations were so contrived and inevitably Marlin Perkins would have to wrestle with a wild animal for IT'S OWN PROTECTION. The best clip is the one with the guy jumping out of the helicopter onto the back of a caribou.

TedBrunt, 6 June 2005: A day of infamy...

TedBrunt, 6 June 2005: One for Dimme: Bananaphone!

TedBrunt, 30 May 2005: Leeroy.....Jennnnnnkinnnnnnsss!!!

TedBrunt, 17 May 2005: Anybody who knows a PC desktop support-type dude looking for 2 weeks of work in Detroit, starting around July 1, let me know. The MLB All-Star game is on, and my sister is putting together a team to do the big show, and she needs someone to help out and make sure things are running well. Good money, road trip, fun event.

[[JoanneSouaid], May : what's your REAL age?

JeremyRodgers, 14 May 2005: 7 1/2 hours for supper? COME ON!!! - I want to go for the Tour - Those crystaline florettes sound tasty. ( ...later... Is it just me or is there a definite insect theme? )

[[JoanneSouaid}}, 5 May 2005: Here's another example of how NOT to display "for sale" items on the web (look carefully...):

JeremyRodgers, 14 May 2005: I am not seeing it... is there a goat?
JoanneSouaid, May : Look very carrrrrrrefully, Jer. You'll see it.

TedBrunt, 2 May 2005: Bushie, doing "Imagine & walk on the Wild Side"

GregMarshall, 29 April 2005: The new Stinkoman level on Homestar is pretty good. Normally their games get boring after a few minutes but this one is kind of addictive.

JeremyRodgers, 27 April 2005:
uh oh, eh?

GregMarshall. Awwww. Poor little car. Sniff.
TedBrunt: Cow tipping, street-style.

GregMarshall, 26 April 2005: It's kind of fun for a little while.

TedBrunt: Greg, the illustrations are fantastic! Congrats!

TedBrunt, 21 April 2005: Congrats tvokids & our guys on being finalists for CNMAs! Winner buys the drinks - deal?

TedBrunt, 21 April 2005: Wow - who knew?
JeremyRodgers, 14 May 2005: Hey now!

JeremyRodgers, 19 April 2005:
Booya! Wiki lives.
Happy Birthday Ted!,
Joanne I sent a link to KittyCannon out TODAY thinking it was fresh, needless to say I get the rotten link prize for the month.
For shame.
Oh wait, I can top that...
Adobe bought Macro-Media!
The next person who sends me an email about ADOBE::MM will win a 10 minute long 'Jaws IV'-quality Special Effect*
*(Special Effect may only be used in a video-montage ridiculing Stephen Harper).

TedBrunt, 14 April 2005: Beautiful comic that uses game images. Nice idea!

TedBrunt, 13 April 2005: Jer - I'm thinking that this may come in handy.... What do you all think?

JoanneSouaid, Apr 12, 2005: Cool! Got it on my first try! Beginners luck, I guess.

JoanneSouaid, Apr 12, 2005: Not sure I want one now...

GregMarshall, 12 April 2005: Hey there. I bought an iPod Mini for Meredith's birthday (shh, she still doesn't know). In OSX we login as 2 separate users...does anyone know how we can share our music files between the 2 sides. Any hacks, software recommendations or general iPod advice is welcome. Cool. Thanks.

JoanneSouaid, April 11, 2005: enjoy non-cat lovers!
GregMarshall That kitten is very bouncy.

TedBrunt, 11 April 2005: PEEPs.

MichelleOrange, 6 April 2005: Happy Birthday Ted!!!!! How old are you now? Hey, who remembers that peanut butter jelly time thing again? I need to see it I think. The dancing banana?
TedBrunt: 39. It's peanut butter jelly time!

JoanneSouaid, Apr 5 2005 : Start the 13 hours our very own Ted turns one year older!! tick tock tick tock...

TedBrunt, 23 March 2005: Saw this on boingboing - mashup with Super Mario & super galang....

TedBrunt, 23 March 2005: Check out the wicked game controller. For those interested, Dimme has joined my World of Warcraft server. He's hammering away to get up so that we can dance together. We suck. But it's fun!

TedBrunt, 17 March 2005: Ever wonder what it's like to work @ Pixar? Or for a company that gives a shit about creativity and the environment needed to foster it and make employees feel worthwhile? Here.
JoanneSouaid, Mar -- holy crap! Who'd want to go home if you worked at a place like THAT?? Not sure I'd have an office space with no chair to sit in, but my oh my...the lighting and colours are pretty funkehhhh.

TedBrunt, 14 March 2005: Hi Greg.

New game for us: Yard Trix. Anybody know anyone looking for a short contract to make preschool game(s)?

GregMarshall Ha ha. I finally remembered my original Wiki password! Hi everybody.

TedBrunt, 9 March 2005: Oh yeah - hard to believe, but it was my daughter's first birthday a couple weeks ago. Here's a photo for you that care! She's usually much happier, but then she's usually not stuffed into a dress.
JoanneSouaid: What a cutie, Ted! But, I was hoping for the shot of her with chocolate cake all over her face and in her hair.

TedBrunt, 9 March 2005: Hey - everybody download Audioscrobbler. We can all see what each other is listening to! Honestly, it will be the only way I can see what's cool, as I have no ability to hear new music these days. C'mon! You know you want to! Unless you, like Arthur, have an abnormal connection to Barry Manilow.


TedBrunt, 9 March 2005: I'm taking this new drug. It's working miracles.

TedBrunt, 9 March 2005: In a secret life, I always wanted to be a tornado chaser. This video is awesome.

TedBrunt, 8 March 2005: Well, I got my refund from the Toronto Maple Leafs today. Nice. But I am seriously considering not getting tickets next year. I know I'm overall rather exhausted, but I definitely feel that I am less interested in watching the young millionaires skate around. I'm finding a real battle for my entertainment dollar (which is pretty tiny), but it's not the usual suspects. I'd rather fire up the compy than the tv. In fact, we just reduced our tv feed by about half, not only to save money but because we just didn't watch most of it. The time is coming, tv people; entertainment on demand. It's already here in most other media - broadcast tv will become a specialty experience rather than the norm soon.
JoanneSouaid: Interesting (or should I write shocking?) you should say that you may not get hockey tickets next year, Ted. I wonder how many others will be following suit given the situation this year. Only time will tell, I guess.

TedBrunt, 7 March 2005: OMG. Every Dr. Demento show ever, downloadable. Yow! Spent way too many Sundays with this guy when I was a teenager.
JoanneSouaid: thanks for this, Ted! about a blast from the past.

TedBrunt, 3 March 2005: Think carefully before giving the finger, fellas.

TedBrunt, 2 March 2005: Pretty good interview with Neal Stephenson about The Baroque Cycle. Those books kept me busy for a looooong time.

TedBrunt, 2 March 2005: Your spirit may be eternal, but these prices aren't!

JoanneSouaid, 1 March 2005: sniff
TedBrunt: Wow - Jef was a real character. He gave a lecture @ UofT once that was really great. Hard to believe how short life is, everyone. Don't waste it. Play World of Warcraft more.

TedBrunt, 13 February 2005: Have you checked out the Apollo QTVRs?

JeremyRodgers, 9 February 2005: Here you can see how popular your name has been over the years... according to this I peaked in 1983.
TedBrunt Love it. My real name peaked in 1910. Thanks, Mom. Ted was 1920's. in 2003, it was not in the top 1000.
JoanneSouaid: I, or rather my name, peaked in 1930, ranking 56th. Pretty cool gizmo.

TedBrunt, 8 February 2005: Wow. Hi from lovely Florida. I love punk music... The best has to be Nudist Priest.
JoanneSouaid: Tedly...what about throwing some digi pics our way so we can live through your surrounding for a while, huh? It's grey and rainy here today, fyi...*sigh*

TedBrunt, 3 February 2005: A group of artists took thrift store art and made it.....better.

TedBrunt, 2 February 2005: Who knew Gene could break dance?

TedBrunt, 2 February 2005: may break your heart.

MichelleOrange, 2 February 2005: this kid made me laugh so much. I suggest "Somewhere Out There", but then that's the only one I made it through. Click on "music".

Ted Brunt blew me off in NYC!

TedBrunt: LIAR! Where WERE you?
TedBrunt, 4 February 2005: See? this is how you treat me. you VANISH. Thin. Air.
TedBrunt, 8 February 2005: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Still waiting, Orange!
MichelleOrange: You trippin'.

[Feb-1-2005] JoanneSouaid: I'm absent from the wiki for like...a few days, and look what happens! Everything changes! Now I have to log in every time? Yeesh...yet another password and username to cram into my memory. Ugh.
  1. I'm trying the list thing out. Hmmm.
  2. Why aren't the numbers going up when I hit the return button?
  3. Maybe everything on this list is equally important and therefore ranked #1?
  4. Or maybe not...

TedBrunt, 31 January 2005: Nice work! Love the CSS.

In other news, something we always suspected but has now been verified - beer saves lives.

JeremyRodgers, 29 January 2005:

So some bloggers found the upload form and I guess they found it was pretty fun to embed MP3 files on their blog pages... except the files are served from here. heh, thanks for the tunes!
Anyway now you have to be logged in to post or upload and the site has been updated to a new fork of the old wiki. All the old formatting seems to work and there is a bunch of new stuff blah blah blah.
There is a password reminder mechanism so if you forgot your password it will email a temp one and then you can log in and change it.
You can now change stylesheets on the UserSettings page.

If there are any problems I will fix them, just let me know.
Oh yeah, all the mp3's are deleted.

[Jan-28-2005]: Guess where I was today?

Michelle - I lost your damn number. I had it, then it went to the wind....along with about 3 cab receipts.

"The books which defined the way The West thinks now
Condensed and abridged to keep the substance, the style and the quotes, but ditching all that irritating verbiage".

Word up.

[Jan-19-2005]: We managed to get a spot on boingboing today for Natasha's kick ass Nerve site. Check it out.
JoanneSouaid: Way to go! Congrats, Ted!


[jan 14-2005]: Regarding Ted's entry on Jan 11, I wonder if he just googles "Ted" each morning and takes the most interesting page and posts it here. Hmmmm...I just have to wonder, because I have nothing else to wonder about today. Doh!


[Jan-11-2005]: TedBrunt: Wow - they even make a "Ted" version...

[Jan-10-2005]: JeremyRodgers: nice gameplay, nice interface, pretty good 'Shaft' music loop ... multiplayer... ? flash 8?

JeremyRodgers: Congrats to CBC this is incredible:
I wish ...


867 5309 Jenny are you there??

Hey 1&1 Internet who I got this free web site hosting package from has a new offer
It is only 6 months but at least it's not nothing.
Warning: you have to put in a phone number and a robot will call you.

TedBrunt: For lonely ppl like me, that's almost human contact. Is the robot nice? :-D
JeremyRodgers: Yes, almost too nice, sexy accent, I think I am in love with it... (... as I sign up for my 12th account...)

Close-up photos of bugs n stuff
JeremyRodgers: Wiki still seems to work. 4/5ths of my prior ISPs have left my email address and website active... maybe this is the same. Blessed be the lazy!

[Jan 3-2005]: 2008 election

[Jan-1-2005]: Happy New Year.
JoanneSouaid: That is SO cool!! Happy New Year to all.
MichelleOrange: I thought this thing was going to explode or something...
TedBrunt: I *told* you to stop irritating that...

[Dec-29-2004]: MichelleOrange: I am going to miss the weekee!!
TedBrunt: Whaddya mean? How much to keep de weekee?
MichelleOrange: Der Weekeestingle!


[Dec-24-2004]: Hey, check out kiddierecords. They will be adding all those old albums and 78's from, well, a bit of my childhood at least.

[Dec-9-2004]: See any difference??


I predict a very trashy xmas this year...

Should auld Wiki's be forgot, And never brought to mind?

Yes it's true...everybody's favorite wiki will be sucked into the digital void come the New Year so raise a glass and bid farewell. When you visit the wiki in January, you will likely be 404-ed.
MichelleOrange: Why?!
GregMarshall: The trial period for the Wiki is running out. I guess we'd have to pay for the Wiki to keep it going.

Cellphone turns in to sunflower when you plant it! Maybe some day I can plant a car and get one of those awesomeo giant stink plants to grow out of it.

[Dec-4-2004]: JR
Hey does anyone have a copy of this:
A Canadian Christmas with David Cronenberg (1986)

"Faced with Canadian content requirements but no new programming, the Canadian Broadcasting Company turned to Canadian director David Cronenberg, hot off his success with Scanners and The Fly, to fill the seasonal gap. In this 90-minute event, Santa (Michael Ironside) makes an emergency landing in the Northwest Territories, where he is exposed to a previously unknown virus after being attacked by a violent moose. The virus causes Santa to develop both a large, tooth-bearing orifice in his belly and a lustful hunger for human flesh, which he sates by graphically devouring Canadian celebrities Bryan Adams, Dan Ackroyd and Gordie Howe on national television. Music by Neil Young."

[Dec-3-2004]: JR
this game is simple, yet difficult to master, the only control is a mouse click. Where will it end?
(to start click the topmost button - it is in some other language that I can't understand...)

Robot Rage on Miniclip

Post your Battle car name here so we can watch out for each other.
Greg Marshall is Steely Jones III
Derek Turney is Tumblebot
Elizabeth is Hamsweat Henry
Andrew is Whiskey Sister

Hard to believe...



RocketMan by William Shatner -- Worst Rendition Ever


JFK Reloaded -- Violence going a little too far in video games. Anything sacred?


Top 50 Songs Named By Rolling Stone can be found here. Not sure I agree with Number 1.

TedBrunt: ARGH! Yuppie scum! No AC/DC. ONE U2, and it's a crappy song. ONE Zep. NO PINK FLOYD!!!!!


Election Photo Apologies from The World and Americans




A Serious Fucked Up Statement on Bush's re-election.

[Nov-4-2004]: Politics gets lucrative for single Canadians.


Vote for the Homestar Runner Pumpkin:



Rosie Perez on teh Late Late Show: verdict: fuNNyZ

[Oct-19-2004]: Boo.

JoanneSouaid: you just can't get away from the cats, can you Ted? Admit love 'em.
TedBrunt: Yup. Especially with a bit of plum sauce.
JoanneSouaid: Then you may want to check out these videos , Ted...
TedBrunt: Yes! That's it, exactly! Thanks!

[Oct-16-2004]: Irony?


JeremyRodgers: Ahh, they missed the license plate! I am still wondering... "who stole my bong"!


something IS here: image

I put it on to see what kind of ads we would get... as you can see from the image I will be dining chez Purina in my retirement.
TedBrunt: Dem's good eatin's. So you're saying we just need to click out a bit! I'm up for it!
JoanneSouaid: Uhhh...hello? click out?
JeremyRodgers: It seems that the law of diminishing returns is in full effect:

It looks like the most $ can be made by reloading the page a LOT and only ONE person clicking ONCE on an ad per DAY. Are they on Crack? they don't publish the formula for revenue, so it is up to us to suss it out... any $ will go towards the continuation of the wiki after the free 3 years runs out (sometime next year) money is only sent when the account reaches $100.

[Oct-13-2004]: So who's getting the reveune from the Google ads?

JoanneSouaid: No kidding! When did that start??


That is sooooo cool!

[Oct-8-2004]: JR:
This like, never ends... it's... like the infinite cats have found your stash...
...and you need shockwave...

Seems like our beloved Deaf Planet is looking for some Flash game developers...

[oct-8-2004]: JoanneSouaid: I guess we're not using the comments areas that much anymore...or even at all, eh? It was kinda cool at the beginning, but now I find (given how lazy I've become over the years) that I just don't have the time/patience to go digging for them or adding them, I guess.

So, since we have some US political followers.. I recommend this site. Great Campaign Strategy

[Oct-5-2004]: How Easter eggs are made:

JoanneSouaid: Birds do it, bees do why not?

[Oct-5-2004]: I wish there was a way we could find out who has actually logged onto this wiki in the last month or so. Just to see activity. Just to find out who has visited (not necessarily for updating only). Then maybe we could make it a bit smaller and more intimate for those who actually use it and/or read it.
Just me thinking (writing) out loud...
ps: LOVE the picture below my entry here. For the person who posted it, you know why.
TedBrunt: Because you are a power hungry maniac, eager to take over the world via creation of orcish brutes?
JoanneSouaid: Ummmmm....yup.


[Sep-29-2004]: John Kerry Documentary - Oct 1
I hope it makes the difference.
here are two links,
(typed-in from Harpers magazine, some typos, plz verify if you have the mag)
... I notice a confluence...

Anybody wanna be a professional blog poster?


[Sep-21-2004]: Let's switch to doggies:
JoanneSouaid: Finally!!


JR: Yeah new wiki is sucking a bit too much for me to handle, lots of nice code but css above the utterly basic is just not ready for prime time.
Anyway here is a link to Hans and Sylvia's photo map of Toronto! Click on the map then use the groovy nav at the bottom of the pages.
Sorry 'bout crappy new wiki.

[Sep-16-2004]: I tried using Safari but the CSS was a big pile of goo. Everything was overlapping.

TB: Really? Looks sweet to me. Also fine in Firefox. Weird.

[Sep-16-2004]: I use Safari on the new wiki and everything is cool. I also like that there are RSS feeds for each blog. I'm thinking that we should all share one big blog though, rather than have separate ones. Jo, I agree, without image uploads, it's suck-level is increased.

[Sep-14-2004]: JoanneSouaid: Hey Greg, I had the same problem with the new wiki not displaying properly. Apparantly it has to do with the browser we use. The same thing happens to me on my mac at home. But at work, I see everything fine (better version of I.E.?). I'm ok with either wiki, though I like this one for seeing exactly who has updated , when, and where. And I like the fact that on this wiki, I can upload pics and I can open URLs in other browsers.

[Sep-10-2004]: MichelleOrange: I want Ted to come back! If everyone is leaving there needs to be some kind of announcement...unless you're all trying to ditch me while I'm not looking. In which case: carry on!

The new Wiki scares me. It doesn't really display properly for me...I can't read the links unless I rollover them.

[Aug-27-2004]: How to make TedBrunt think that he's going crazy!

Simply go to your own blog page, press the edit key, don't change anything, and then press the store key. Ted willl look at the RecentChanges page (as I'm sure he always does) and see that everyone has changed something in their blog. He'll be searching for days trying to figure out what each person changed. Just try it. I dare ya!


I made a new page but how do I link to it? It's lost in the ether somewhere.
JoanneSouaid: ... and I'd like to know how to get that damned cat to stop laughing. After a while you want to kill it!!
JoanneSouaid: Greg, it looks like you made two pages -- look under recent changes and you'll see the page you created. I think another way to find it is by looking under the "page index" (see the top of this page or any page on the wiki to find it and click on it). Does that help answer your question?



...I had a dream...

[Aug-7-2004]: JR: I wish I had posted this! awesome!

FUH2 - now there is even more to do with your cellphone cameras!

[Aug-6-2004]: JR:
How many times in a row can you say "master beta" without cracking up? Just curious ;-)
Derek:OH OH!! I know... every Wednesday Meeting!!!

Oh yeah, the new blog/wiki should be ready some time next week! "Bliki" or "Wiog" or "experiMENTAL wiki" call it what you will but I am hoping the comment system works out better.

[Aug-4-2004]: Hey Michelle, I'd be game for something -- dinner, patio drinks, pool. WhatEVER. Oh...and Ted wrote all that weird stuff below. He's starting to talk to himself...not the greatest thing, but what do you expect? It's Ted, afterall.
TedBrunt: Well, it seems I talk to myself a lot here lately, ya weenies.
JoanneSouaid: Awww, Ted. We're here for ya...come on everyone, let's all hold hands and give Ted a beeeeeeeg hug.

[Aug-1-2004]: They are all away. Or pretending. Or want to have some woo pitched.

[Aug-1-2004]: Michelle Hey everybody, when am I going to see all of you? Should I schedule a dinner or something? Who is the crazy person who posted what is below?

[Jul-30-2004]: Thank you? That's it? No "hi, how are ya? It's been a while, how's it going...I miss you." I mean, honestly. Can we have a little small talk or something at least? Do we have to just dive in? I mean, some of us need to be encouraged a bit when we've been away for a while. Sheesh...
[Jul-29-2004]: What - you all on vacation? Sleeping? Working? WAKE UP!

[July-13-2004]: Joanne -- Ok, NOW I know why Ted wanted to list all users in alpha order on the home page AND refused to add Marc Bishop's name to the list! don't fool me, mister.
T-Money: Well, I clearly fooled you. You didn't know until I TOLD you.
Joanne: Like I said, you don't fool me Mr. I-want-my-name-to-always-be-first Brunt. Heh.
A-is-for-apple: Lessee.....SOUAID. Must have been picked last a lot in class. It's really had an effect.

[July-07-2004]: Jojo -- I just noticed today that I had to sign on to the blog (again). I did sign on yesterday because I'm on Panther now, etc. But, it seems that when I quit out of I.E. and came back to the blog today, I had to sign on again. What gives? Anyone know? Before when I was on OS9, I didn't have to sign on everyday.
JR: Damn cats, man, you just can't win!

[July-06-2004]: Jojo -- Much as I'm not a huge cat fan, this one I couldn't resist...

I was convinced that Andrew was original with his choice of pets! I was wrong!

It is a start of a new generation of Ultimate Pets.
Crabs For Pets


Ok Greg you asked for it... Dog-Goat-Ape-Thing. Now with 100% less exploding.

Ok, so what has happened to my daily dose of "Skateboarding Dog videos"? I rely on the wiki for some daily entertainment but it seems that days go by with only one or two postings. Let's see some babies with beards or some exploding whale videos or something.

thank you.

[Jun-23-2004]: Hey, I'm Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas. Who r u?

Smallified version by Bob Tarle. 32 MB now 5...

paintball small

TB: Damn! Can't believe I missed out on the barrel roll......

[Jun-22-2004]: Elizabeth: Jeremy's barell roll was the highlight of my day!!

[Jun-21-2004]: Michelle: I want a breakdown of the paintball game!

[Jun-11-2004]: Kittyporn


Cat Theme Continues


Warp-A-Kitty. go on!

pary: i am not sure who posted this, check_this_little_animation_out... it links to a fun version of your song.

I think this is the first album I ever got! (It's a little quiet so you might want to turn up the volume)

[May-26-2004]: Nice new page, tvokids kids!

[May-24-2004]: Question (from Joanne) -- I've set up a mac account for my sister. I wanted to see if it would work and tried signing on to ichat using her mac account username and password. I plugged in her mac username and pw, but it doesn't seem to want to let me sign on. It keeps asking me for my username and password for AOL instant messaging service. Can anyone explain what step(s) I'm missing, please? I'd appreciate any help/input you can dish.

[May-22-2004]: Michelle: Hey guys can anyone help, I'm looking for two Jeff Buckley songs, "Lover, You should have come over" and "I know we'd be so happy, baby". Does anyone have MP3's of those?
I_Know_We_Could_Be_So_Happy_Baby 7 MB!!!
Lover_You_Should_Have_Come_Over 12 MB!!!

Joanne: Hey Michelle, why don't you visit limewire and do a search? I've found tons of mp3s that way. Try it -- it's super easy.

[May-20-2004]: Since Ted loves cat pictures so much, here's one on how to stay warm during a Canadian winter:


[May-18-2004]: It's cat day


Infinite Cats :-)

[May-16-2004]: Clowns & cats. Perfect mix.

Kreskin was pretty good too. Isn't that Amazing folks!
TB: Magic is a world of illusion. Illusion....reality. Reality.....illusion. Thank you. (SCTV fun). Did you know that Risa Shuman had Doug Henning as a roommate?
GM: No, I didn't know that...neat. I did know that she drove a bus at a camp that Steve Paikin went to.

[May-13-2004]: OK, so I put an image on the home page, but it does not appear. But if you copy & paste it into the browser, it works fine. Does anyone know what that's about?

Joanne: I've done all of my pics like that. They are all residing on my computer. I've never been able to link from another site like others have. But Jeremy's handy dandy "Upload Image" thing works and that's all that matters to me.

[May-12-2004]: Anyone notice how much Derek looks like....Abel?

[May-11-2004]: Crap. I'm Kermit. At least I am not Beaker.
Jojo: At least you got Kermit. I got Scooter! Ugh.

[May-7-2004]: Littrbox

Elizabeth: I know this topic is old now,..but, I couldn't help it:
"Although humans can't digest sorbitol, when intestinal bacteria feast on this sweet treat they generate gas and discomfort. High levels of sorbitol can also pull water into the intestines, causing loose stools. The laxative affect of prune juice is due to its high sorbitol content."

TB: I had a loose stool once...


Michelle: Sugar-free candy is a horrible, terrible, very bad, no-good thing.

Elizabeth: "Did you know that the common additive sorbitol (found in most sugar free candies) causes bloating, flatulence and diarrhea? It only takes 10g per day." Yup, I would say you guys had about that.
Dave: Who wants Ju Jubes? They're sugar free :) - god that candy was evil - I was out for the count after that stuff. Thanks Sugar Mountain.

pary: Note to group: if David Chambers ever brings treats to a meeting you are at, DO NOT EAT THEM!
TB: No friggin' kidding. It was a digestive vesuvius. Thatnks for the "candy" Dave.

I BELIEVE!!! And this from an Oilers Fan!!!

[May-3-2004]: You guys were thinking of New Yorker cartoons - here's an article on the next gen...


Sundin Who???
Hey Derek, do you turn into a Tampa Bay fan when the Leafs win this thing? :-D
Derek: You better believe it! Go Anyone But The Leafs!!

[May-2-2004]: So? Let's hear some results!
TB: Apocalypse Now & Abe Lincoln.
JR: Apocalypse Now & Mother Theresa (aka "A Loving Macedonian Dwarf" ) - ok that is just strange. (Joanne: I always knew that Libras were off-balance. Just didn't know it was THIS much.)
Jojo: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and I'm JFK -- a thrill seeker who doesn't shy away from risky behaviour. Hmmm...
Derek: Huh, Easy Rider and Good Ol' ABE
Jojo: fyi -- I sent it off to one of my friends and she got The Godfather and Gandhi!


Joanne: A picture worth a thousand words, eh Ted?

[Apr-28-2004]: soup for you!

[Apr-28-2004]: Rah! My voice is gone. I would upload, but my firewire cable is @ home. THAT, my friends, was an ass wuppin'!

[Apr-28-2004]: That was a crappy way to lose. Hope the Leafs don't go down like that - since I WILL BE AT THE GAME!!! Woo woo.
Derek: I am sure they will NOT let you down Ted. I mean they can't possibly lose to the Flyers 3 games in a row. Can they?
TB: Probably not. But if they do, I hope Daniel and the boys have played the golf course enough times to flatten down the winter thatch.

[Apr-27-2004]: Uh Habs jersey

[Apr-26-2004]: Pray.

[Apr-26-2004]: Whew! I was wondering where Ted had disappeared to. It's not like him not to skip a day of an entry on the blog. ;-)

[Apr-25-2004]: Let's see how long it lasts...
pary: nice work joanne. i can always email you that compromising pic of mister blunt whenever you like!
Joanne: Heh heh heh...

[Apr-24-2004]: Cat blog. Truly. Wowie.

[Apr-22-2004]: New health symbol.
Derek: Now that was mean, but oddly enough really funny.

[Apr-20-2004]: Say Pary, how did you get Ted to wear the yellow suit? I thought he had an allergy to rubber.
TB: Oh Pary - lame-o! Not enough manhood to maintain your own wiki, but you come here and edit things. I may have to ACL you. lol
Joanne: Geeze Ted, didjya feel a little vulnerable seeing that picture of you on the home page? I shoulda downloaded it when I had the chance. Pary...?
TB: Uh...vulnerable? I took it down 'cause Fabio was feeling sick every time she loaded the page.
Joanne: Well, come to think of it, it was a bit scary.


I will go against the LEAFS until my last breath. Flyers in 5.
TB: Is that a guarantee?
Derek: What the last breath? or Flyers in 5? either way I figure I am pretty safe in saying both.
Jo: Why not put money down on this boys? Whoever loses the bet, donates their portion to TVOntario. (Do you detect a slight note of desperation in my words -- damn right you do!)

[Apr-19-2004]: Look familiar, anyone?

[Apr-19-2004]: Thanks, Ted. I tried the wild mood swings site. Try filling in "bewildered" and see where it takes you. Bob solved all my problems. What a guy.
TB: You lack slack, Jack! Pray with me sister - I am the reverend John Paul George Ringo. The first.

[Apr-15-2004]: Joanne, since you like to show your mood online, I think this kind of site is right up your alley...
Or you can just have this on in the bg.


Derek: Promise Kept
TB: Man, I missed most of the game. Was it good? Babysitting all night - blah.
Derek: I still don't know what a penalty is in these playoffs? Brutal calls both ways. Just not a fast paced flow to the game. But, I am biased towards the Western Conference...being an Oiler fan. And yes I know they are golfing, but most answer the call to play for Canada at the Worlds and are getting set to bring Gold to Canada again.

Daniel has guaranteed that Ottawa will score tonight. All I have to say is this:

Another Flash Cat Game

[Apr-13-2004]: Let's get the Senators some help.
Hmm... Might be worth a shot. Although, haven't the Leafs been impotent for the last 37 years?
TB: True, I suppose the annual beating of Ottawa is not much to crow about.

[Apr-12-2004]: So, Daniel Alfredson dies and goes to heaven (i don't know why he gets to go to heaven) and gets a little house with the ottawa senators logo on it. When he looks next door he sees a big mansion, on it is the Toronto Maple Leafs logo. Daniel goes to god and says "which leaf player died and how come he gets a mansion?" God says "Nobody on the leafs died, thats my house!"

You know what Micheal Jackson and Lalime have in common?
They both wear a glove on one hand for no apparent reason.


Never Saw a Better Leaf Fan Great Video
Way Better Leaf Sucks Song GO SENS GO

[Apr-12-2004]: Early cat people.

[Apr-12-2004]: Sucks_to_be_Ottawa
And an animated gif for your viewing pleasure:

Tragic Plushtoys

Poor kitty.
Derek: Oh Man, I will have nightmares for years on end.
Ford screws up.

The cat thing started with Rodgers. And Trevor has cats. Greg & Meredith too, right? I have one that came with the marriage. And let's face it - there's nothing easier than making fun of cats.

TB: Yup, I've used tons. But finally I just did it all online at Quicktaxweb. You can do 2 returns for 24.95, and it saves your work if you want to come back. You only pay near the end when it's time to file. Highly recommended for people with simple moi.
Jo: Or another thing you can do if you have a simple return (like me, too), is just do it by hand! It cost me...ummm...$0. Mind you, I filed back in early February and I'm still waiting for my refund. I guess there sick of us primitives. ;-)
TB: I did mine online & had the cheque in the bank in 8 days. It was astounding.
Jo: That shouldn't be astounding, Ted. That should be expected.
TB: I expect a lot when it comes to the maybe getting a birth certificate for my daughter before her first birthday.

Has anyone used tax software for the mac? What was it...was it good?

K...what's with all the cat images on the home page? Does everyone own a cat or something?

In 1998 Burger King published a full page advertisement in USA Today announcing the introduction of a new item to their menu: a "Left-Handed Whopper" specially designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans. According to the advertisement, the new whopper included the same ingredients as the original Whopper (lettuce, tomato, hamburger patty, etc.), but all the condiments were rotated 180 degrees for the benefit of their left-handed customers.

Keeping with the Cat Theme. It might take a few minutes to load. You might have seen this one (I feel so 2 years ago)

I wonder how those cats (below) would respond to Babies with Beards

[Mar-25-2004]: For the cat people: Cats & their Reaction to Bearded Men.

[Mar-23-2004]: For those of you who know Jonathan N'Goran...he's going to be having a baby!
TedBrunt: I have cream for the stretch marks.

[Mar-23-2004]:'s get ready to ruuuuummmmmmmmble!

[Mar-19-2004]: For TrevorRoss & JeremyRodgers : cat butz.

[Mar-16-2004]: Every St. Patrick's Day, I start the day by wearing my Grandfather's old silk tie - the one with the shamrocks and pipes on it, I swear, and I journey to Bewley's right next to St. Stephen's Green. There, I order a pot of black single estate tea, and my mind wanders the 4 km south to Blackrock, where my wee Grandmother waited on the piers for her father to return from fishing. Then, I head to the pub and get snaggered. Then, I am sentenced to the Wearin' O' the Green Shoes in Irish High Court, and tap dance my way off a cliff.

[Mar 16 2004]: What's everyone doing for St. Patrick's Day? Ted? I know you'll be tearing it up.

[Mar-16-2004]: By the way, on the RecentlyCommented page, it doesn't list all comments, right? Because I just happened to catch a few on my page that I hadn't seen before and I hadn't seen them listed on the RecentlyCommented page. No biggie, just wondered if anyone else noticed this. Jojo from Gwoppo.

[Mar-15-2004]: TedBrunt : Ok you talented buggers - who is up for some CSS on this? Hehe.

[Mar-13-2004]: I'_m_gonna_need_you_to...

Invest in (bet on ;-) your favourite movie! Apparently The (Peter Jackson) Hobbit had the largest entry price to date!

[Mar-10-2004]: Trevor is hurtin'....

[Mar-10-2004]: How come there are three bloggers separated at the bottom of the list on the home page? Does that signify that they are in the corner being punnished or something? And where IS Trevor? Did someone delete him off the earth or something? TrevorrrrrRRRRRRrrrrrr!! Where the hell are you?

[Mar-9-2004]: coincidentally ... I just uploaded it!

Hey download monkeys, I really want an Mp3 of that Waitresses song "I Know What Boys Like" (shut up)...does anyone have it?--Michelle Orange

YOU tell him. He never listened to me anyway.

[Mar-9-2004]: HIS writing is boring?? Geeze, what does that say about MY writing? It's always boring! Tell him he has to come up with a better excuse, like that he's stuck under a heavy object or something.
ps: Welcome Pary! ya doing, where ya from? ;-)

[Mar-9-2004]: I added my bud Pary to the poster list. And I took Marc off - he refused to write anything. His excuse was that his writing was too boring these days. I just think he's gone to London and lost his edge.

[Mar-9-2004] (9:59am -- gotta dash to a meeting!): Hey Jeremyyyyyyy....Just wondering....would it be possible to auto insert the date *and* the time? No worries if you can't, it's just that when I read some strange (yes, Ted...strange) entries by some of the folk here, I'm always curious as to what time of the day it was when they added the revelation to their blog. I know I can look at recentchanges and all that. Just thought I'd ask, though.

[Mar-7-2004]: I tried to email but it is too big or something. Not My Abba Song
JoanneSouaid: Thanks, Jer! I got it! Woo hoo! I tried downloading it when I went into the office today to do some work. 'Course...I only managed to get part of the song after my computer crashed about 3 times when I launched the software. Sheesh. What's this Limewire Pro they keep pushing on me? Is it better? Faster? What's the deal? I keep saying I'll look into it "later." Again no time (and too lazy).
Oh, and by the way, I'm editing a 50th wedding anniversary video for a friend, hence the cheesy (and, yes, cliche) kinda music I'm trying to get. Thanks again Jeremy. Your secret fetish for Abba will be our little secret. ;-)

[Mar-6-2004]: Thanks, but too lazy to download all the stuff and do the search just for one lousy song. Thought this would be quicker. But, then I realized -- who'd dare own up to the fact that they actually had Abba in their library? :-D

[Mar-6-2004]: Limewire.

[Mar-6-2004]: Does anyone have the song "I do I do I do I do I do" by Abba? Yes...Abba. Stop laughing -- does anyone have the mp3? If so, can you email it to my mac account (jsouaid), pretty please? I'll owe ya big.

[Mar-5-2004]: Hey Jer (and everyone), yes you can log off in the usersettings area. In fact, when you log off, a little teeny weeny box pops up telling you that you've logged off. But if it's no big deal to stay logged on, then why go through the extra steps of doing it everyday, I say. And thanks for listening....Jojo from rio.

[Mar-5-2004]: [jr] Came across this on /.
hope they fixed the audio cpu usage (Score:5, Interesting)
by green pizza (159161) on Thursday March 04, @08:32PM (#8471185)
I've been playing the UT2K4 demo on both Windows and Mac (yay PowerBook) and the community chatter is right -- disabling audio results in framerates jumping anywhere from 50% - 200% faster. I hope it's a bug and not just the base requirement for UT2K4 audio!

Can anyone confirm? Does that work?

[Mar-5-2004]: [jr] I don't think you can log off... i think you get a permanent cookie when and where ever you log on, thus, until someone else logs on using that particular computer, you will alwyas be 'on'... if that makes no sense blame my dentist, I think he pumped my head full of enopugh freezing agent to paralyze a horse.
(some minutes later...)
I guess you can log off in the UserSettings page... I never do it though because... well I never knew you could.

[Mar-4-2004]: Techie question here and no need to actually answer it here but...
Does it matter if we log in and don't log out of this no matter what computer we are on? For example, yesterday I logged onto the site from my computer at work. The next day at work when I visited the site I was still logged on. But when I was at home last night, for example, I logged on and I'm still logged on tonight at home because I never bothered (or forgot to?) logging off last night. Needless to say I'm confused (and yes, Ted, therefore not a geek). How does it work?? Remember, I don't really expect an answer because I think this is just too boring a question...but I'm also thinking that more dialogue is needed around here, ya know? Love, Jojo-rocko. ps: I'm not logging off again because I'm just too damned lazy and I want to see if something horrible will happen because I'm just that kind of crazy goofball.

JoanneSouaid -- my obsessing continues...

Yup...the uploading image thingy seems to work, too, Jer.

[Mar-1-2004]: thanks eh! hope it is working ok, no one has uploaded any pics yet so I am wondering...

[Mar-1-2004]: Jeremy ROCKS!! Love the buttons, babe.

Great. You guys play games like Literati, and I write crap about Arthur. There's a message in there, but I'm too dumb to get it I bet.

TedBrunt : I have a feeling we're the only ones here without a life. The others are out eating swords and driving too quickly. Bastards.

JoanneSouaid: By the way, has anyone figured out how to get other web sites to open up in another window, yet?

TedBrunt : Trevor who? Actually, someone brought in a mullet wig & we all took pictures. Trevor's was the funniest!

MichelleOrange: Does Trevor still dance at the CBC, Ted? I have these glasses that he used to put on at TVO. I think he once also put on my coat and and wrapped my blankie on his head, Carmen Miranda-style, busted out the maracas and got down. I can't remember laughing so hard. Sniff. I miss you guys.

JoanneSouaid: Wow! Bold city on the homepage! Thanks, Jeremy(?)

JoanneSouaid: Adding a comment takes less clicks than this, though. I counted.

TedBrunt : Well, I am sure you're not a geek, Jojo. You put a comment in a place I built as a group discussion. Sigh. What will we do with you?


TedBrunt : Here is where we dance.
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